There will be a short hiatus in events for Walk The Wheel, as I will be taking some Maternity Leave. Events in the community will resume in March for the Spring Equinox.

Meanwhile, I invite you to join me on a new adventure in celebration of IMBOLC 2015… Walk The Wheel’s first ONLINE gathering! Keep checking here for updates and information.


How do we Walk The Wheel?

Follow and celebrate the festivals on the Wheel of The Year.

 Open our senses and awareness to seasonal changes in the World around us.

 Celebrate the transitions and rites of passage that mark change and growth along our life’s path, in a way that is meaningful and personal.

 Live with an open heart and with the desire to deepen our connection to the World and our experience of it.

From mindfulness to mediation, hiking to seasonal ceremony, there are a multitude of ways to Walk The Wheel. Here you’ll find a variety of suggestions, incentives and (hopefully) inspirations.

Use the tabs at the top of the screen to navigate between sections.

What is…? gives an idea of the ideas and influences that myself and Walk The Wheel are inspired by.

The Blog offers find regular updates on Events alongside informative posts based on the Seasons and Celebration and some less formal articles about my life and journey.

In Celebrant Work you’ll find information on the ceremonial services I offer – including Weddings/Handfastings, Baby Namings, Funerals and Memorials.

If you have any questions or comments email me or to post them here. Please be aware all comments are moderated before posting.

Thanks for visiting!

I hope to find you Walking the Wheel with me sometime.



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