Paper Winter Solstice Suns: A Tutorial

A Solstice twist on a popular winter craft project 🙂

The Ditzy Druid


As I wake up each day to darker and darker skies, I find myself thinking about the sun a lot.  I can only imagine the reverence and hope my ancestors attached to its lengthening rays each day following the Winter Solstice.  Adopting it as a central figure in my own Druidism seems more natural each year.

With that in mind, I decided to give a Winter Solstice twist to an old classic winter decoration.  As you make your paper snowflakes, why not make one or three paper suns?  I’m sure most of my readers know how to make a paper snoflake, and it’s the same process only making sure to include some solar rays on the outside.  For those who are rusty, or if you’ve never made a paper snowflake, here’s what you do!


1) Take a square piece of sun-colored paper.  I’m fond of yellow, personally.


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  1. greycatsidhe
    Dec 19, 2013 @ 21:43:01

    Glad you liked it!


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