Customer Service Announcement

Hello folks,

Yep, I’m still here, still walking the Wheel and still very much wanting to write and enjoy sharing life here on the blogosphere.


Unfortunately my laptop disagrees and has pretty much given up the ghost, and things being as they are at the moment I don’t quite have the means to dash out an buy a new one (still working on that lottery win!).

Hence there’s been quite a lot of radio silence here, far more than I have wanted, and it’s been playing on my mind rather a lot over the past month. Especially as so much has happened and there’s so much to share now we’ve reached Harvest time!

But I’m taking all this as a little lesson from the World; to slow down, have patience and accept that things will be as they will be.

It’s working…. sometimes….

… not all the time, as my poor Husband will tell you…


But despite the odd technology-depreived meltdown I want to assure everyone that all is well, the blog is still here and the events in the real world are still very much running! If you usually use this site for details you might want to try the Facebook group instead as I tend to have more luck getting on there for a brief speck of time. Just search Walk The Wheel and you’ll find it in Groups.


So for the near future there will be less regular updates and certainly all those will be words only as the laptop’s last legs really can’t support pictures!

Please keep your eyes peeled though as I will try and schedule a few posts for the coming weeks to keep us on track with the festivals etc. Lammas has just past and a little run down of what Lammas is and why we celebrate is coming up in a couple of days. Then hopefully there’ll be a run down of a public ritual I co-facilitated at Arbor Low and some bits about my personal celebrations and Harvest thrown in.


That being said I make no promises! Only that I am still very much here, very much walking the Wheel with you all and wishing you a beautiful and bountiful Lammas season!


Keli x

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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.