I met with a lovely group of women this week, whom I have been meeting with on a regular basis for the past year. We use the time and space to share our thoughts, feelings and happenings; sometimes offering advice but more often than that simply holding space and a listening ear to all that needs to be aired in those moments. This Women’s Circle has been a real life-saver for all of us at one time or another and I wouldn’t be without it. The act of listening to someone else’s struggle has a strengthening effect not just on the one being heard but those who are able to hear it and be present to it. By meeting the difficulties of life head on we gain perspective and conviction; we know that we will make it through. We know that we are held and supported in our weakness and that leaves space for the idea that next week there may be joy to tell instead.


We don’t keep count or take scores. There’s no league table of who’s sharing the most drama each month. The whole thing is incredibly fluid and spacious – in a way that only groups of trusting women can be – and I’ll be honest and admit that I don’t remember a lot of what has been mentioned over the year. Athough some of us have been through life-changing events as part of that group there is little solid memory that I could cling to and evaluate; I often don’t remember the things I’ve said or have been said to me. And that is one of the gifts of the group: it provides no ammunition for self-doubt or self-flagelation outside of that space. When you leave you are changed, transformed but you can’t always pin-point why. This seems to make the effects stronger, last longer; you can’t question where these new ideas/feelings are coming from you can only accept and integrate them day to day.

It feels like life is taking on that quality somewhat at the moment. There is a strong sense of flow in everything that seems to be happening personally, locally, even globally. A number of happenings in various lives that surround mine are being strengthened and empowered for happening now, in this season. There is a lot of releasing going on, a lot of letting go, a lot of transformation which sits firmly at the heart of Samhain time. And there is power humming beneath actions and words as if the Otherworld drew closer on Samhain night and simply decided not to return to its side of the veil. I have an undeniable sense of trust in each day that dawns; something I have never experienced so strongly, over such an extended period of time. I wish I could explain it more clearly but all I can think of is the magical line from CLAMP manga Cardcaptor Sakura “I just know everything will be alright!”


Perhaps it is my own transition into the third trimester of pregnancy that might be insitgating this sense of awe and acceptance; likely there is some truth in that. I am also blessed enough to have taken part in a Mothering and Blessing Way Ceremony, conducted for me and the bump by my very dear women friends last week and I can not deny that taking part in this was incredibly powerful in its own right and I am doubtless still living the effects. And then at our most recent WtW gatherings in Hadfield and New Mills we wove webs together, embodying the Samhain energies, the connections between all that live and die, the great cycles that govern us and the great strength and wisdom within them.


But I was surprised to learn at our latest Women’s Circle that I am not the only one feeling this sense of rightness and finding themselves in places of transformation and personal power. It was the first time for a long time that we all seemed to be telling the same story; as if we were holding a space for the power of this absolute trust in flow to be acknowledged and thus enhanced even more. I left this week feeling more connected not just to myself and my women friends but to the whole World, the whole Wheel; as if we had woven our own physical Web there.

After a period of disconnection it seems the threads are finding their way back together; certainly in my own life. Who knows what could happen if this reweaving is in fact spreading across the World…

Pic credits:
3) Walk The Wheel

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  1. Ilana
    Nov 12, 2014 @ 21:38:35

    Superb blog Keli! I love it:)


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