New Ventures!

With the Scorpio Full Moon receeding into the waning time of the month I am finding myself plunged into deep times of intense work and feeling. This is proving utterly exhausting (particularly on the baby front!) but also very productive!

In the last week I have published a new website, created a Facebook Page and delivered a wonderful Wedding for two lovely friends that included a handfasting, a sharing cup, and hosted such high profile guests as Thor (God of Thunder)… although he wasn’t technically invited but, hey, who turns away a deity at the door?! 😉


Photo credit: Rachel Ensor

The website and Facebook Page are dedicated to my work as a Celebrant and a link to them will appear on the ‘Celebrant’ section of this website in the coming days. However if you would like to have a look now then follow the links below.

Keli Tomlin Ceremonies

KTCeremonies on Facebook

Please do give me a ‘Like’ and a share if you feel so inclined.

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