Simple Ceremony

As some of you will know I offer my services as a Celebrant for big life events, such as Weddings, Namings and Funerals. I’ve trained for this work and find it incredibly rewarding. For me, a Celebrant’s role is that of Translator; I take the deep feelings and intentions of my clients and offer them a language with which they can honour and express them. I also ensure that the language can be understood by those who might be sharing this expression (family, friends etc) This language is Ceremony.


Ceremony consists of a few key elements:

Narrative; provides order and a beginning, middle and end.

 Intention; a change or action which is hoped for/being marked (the reason for the ceremony!)

Ritual actions; using symbolism and repetition to clearly state intention and truth and to heighten the feelings being expressed



By breaking it down you might begin to recognise that these elements are not limited to large, life-event ceremonies. You can and will find yourself using them all (and therefore conducting small acts of ceremony) every day… you probably just dont think about them that way. These acts do not need a Celebrant facilitating nor do they tend to involve an audience. However what they do have in common with larger, more complex ceremonies is their ability to bring meaning to, heighten the emotion of and strengthen the intention behind certain moments in our lives. To practise simple ceremony is to mindfully engage with the present moment and to deepen your connections to your Self and the World as a result.


Which is why simple ceremony is a part of Walk the Wheel; both at our live events and in its underlying encouragements to take notice and engage with the seasons. I therefore encourage you to consider how you might already be making ceremony in your daily life and perhaps think about how you might include some more. Please share your experiences here if you so wish.

If you need a little inspiration, I will be starting a regular post over at the FB page for Keli Tomlin Ceremonies, sharing ideas and images of simple acts of ceremony from my own life. Just click this link and ‘Like’ the page 🙂

Today’s offering is…

Kissing a letter before posting it, to send it safely on its way.


Photo credit: Girl Mailing a Letter via photopin (license)


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