Earthed Mother


You twist and tangle, corkscrewing in air.
Gasping, grunting and glaring wide eyed at this still-new-scene around you.
Your breathe still tickles your nose as it fills your young lungs with both oxygen and surprise. Even that breath is a cause for excitement, distraction…
…so much distraction as neurons, newly minted, fire sparks back and forth in a dance of raw creation.
You are growth embodied,
motion in action,
the most unpredictable, uncontainable force of Nature I have ever known.

Which is why you need me to be Still and Steady.
Why I must root down deep and provide purchase for both of us.
When I do move it must be measured, rhythmic, predictable so you can latch on to its certainty and sink in to its solidity in time ans space.
My focus must be set and fully present, moment to moment…
…and I’ll admit this is the hardest test, one that I often fail, like now when my fingers type these words and I extrapolate you out across a million moments when all you need is This One, this single moment, right here, now… and you feed… feed…

This is the reason why my mind no longer wanders the pathways of flighty, fanciful enlightenment.
Why the uncertainty of faith and belief and the beyond have fallen out of favour with me, making way instead for simple practicalities.
But this is not as I feared suspected a loss of self or spirituality.
I am not less, nor have less heart or trust or creativity.
I am simply taking on the role that you require of me; rooted, earthed, grounded in Reality.
Bound to each moment as it is right in front of me.
The anchor to your sailboat, the keyring to your key.

I am your mother, Earthed Mother holding you right where you need to be,
While you, my Son, learn to Fly.


Picture credits:
1) magicoolrealism via the bean and the bear
2) Meganne Forbes


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. iks1647Ian Stubbs
    Jul 17, 2015 @ 12:27:27

    This is a beautiful poem and reflection coming out of your experience. Thank you Keli. It resonates for me with the notion in my own tradition that the divine is no longer beyond but enfleshed – divine con carne. William Blake wrote about the ‘human form divine’


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