Celebrating Lammas

As the rollercoaster of Summer begins to wind down I am looking forward to celebrating the arrival of Lammas to mark the transition between seasons. Lammas tells me that it is time to start considering the sinking, turning journey into myself and my Winter hibernation. Of course there is a LOT to do before it is time to rest – harvesting, storing, gathering, preparing myself and my stores for the darker times ahead. But Lammas reminds me that the busy, outward pouring of creative energy is done and what follows is the natural return of all that has been put out into the ether; by myself and those around me.

I look forward to reaping the results, to seeing what has been created and what has been dispersed over this last growing season. And I very much look forward to CELEBRATING this festival in a multitiude of ways. Won’t you join me?

1) The ONLINE SHARE SPACE is now active and will be for the next week. Pop over to the Facebook group and delve into the creative offerings of other members, all with a Lammas inspired theme. Maybe add something of your own; the true joy is in the sharing.

2) The Gatherings will take place in Hadfield and New Mills next weekend so do come along if you are in the area. Full details are below and it will be a joy to meet and celebrate with you in person.


Lammas in New Mills

Saturday 8th August
Springbank Arts Centre, New Mills, SK22 4BH


Lammas in Hadfield

Sunday 9th August
Hadfield Community Room, Hadfield, SK13 2AA

This is a participatory event. Attendees are encouraged to bring their own
seasonal poems/stories/arts/ideas to share with the group.
Cost is £5 per person or pay-what-you-can
Refreshments provided


However you choose to celebrate, I hope the start of the Harvest is a joyful time for you. As the Land begins to offer up its bounty may we remember the sacrifice of the Corn King. In the spilling of his blood the Land would be rejuvinated; reminding us that in order to thrive and grow we must shed elements of our own selves. Sometimes these elements are old and unwanted – discovered as we seperate our wheat from the chaff. Others we lose with struggle or sadness, truly feeling the power of sacrifice. But all will be composted down to provide fertile growth in the New Year. Until then lets focus on the beauty of the turning season, honour the Land with thanks and begin our preparations for the darker times to come.

Blessed be x

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Holland & Flannery
    Aug 03, 2015 @ 14:41:42

    Blessed Lammas Keli, may your harvest be bountiful and rewarding.


    • kelitomlin
      Aug 09, 2015 @ 10:55:42

      Apologies for a late reply, WordPress took until now to notify me of your comment!
      Bountiful Lammas-time to you too. I hope the waning of the year starts steadily and softly. Xx


  2. glitterinthedirt
    Aug 01, 2015 @ 04:47:09

    Blessed Lammas to you!


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