Out and about at Imbolc; our new outdoor events

A new year and a new adventure for Walk the Wheel. I am so excited to be getting outdoors in 2016 and bringing seasonal celebration directly to the Land.

See below for more details of our first gathering, in honour of Imbolc.



DATE: Saturday 6th February

TIME: 11am

WHERE: Bankswood Park, Hadfield, SK13 2AU
(some parking avaliable and very close to Hadfield train station)


What can I expect to happen?

Once the group is gathered together we will walk in the chosen area; taking the opportunity to explore mindfully, engaging with the landscape around us. The walk will aim to be gentle and accessible for all (full details of terrain etc will always be shared before the event) and last no longer than 30mins.

We may stop for while to share anything we have seen/heard/sensed or been inspired to say. Attendees are still encouraged to bring along something seasonal to share (as long as they are happy to carry it with them!).

At an appropriate point we will gather together in a circle and honour the festival with a short ceremony; this may include such things as meditation, craft making, singing, or other actions that feel right.

Once the walk and ceremony are complete there will – weather permitting – be social time to chat, share any food/drink and enjoy being outdoors together! If the weather isn’t conducive to us being outdoors any longer we will adjorn to the nearest cafe (this being entirely optional of course!).

How long will the event last?

I imagine no longer than an hour, althought these things can have a mind of their own! Weather will always be taken into consideration and content and length adjusted appropriately.

Yeah, about the weather…

Yes, we live in the North and yes we are rather near Manchester so the risk of rain/wind/cold is rather high (particularly in this half of the year).

So please, please, PLEASE be sure to dress appropriately for the conditions on the day (including sensible footwear!) and bring along any necessities such as water/umbrella/suncream/hat etc.

I will aim to lead a gathering in most weathers as I believe it is all part of deepening our connection to the World; however if it is simply too inclement to allow for an enjoyable and engaging experience the event will be moved to the following day (Sunday). If the weather continues to be unpleasant the event will be cancelled for that particular festival.

I will always let people know about cancellations in advance but am likely to make the decision ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT so it is worth checking your email/Facebook before setting off if things seem a little uncertain weather-wise! If no messages have appeared then likelihood is the event is going ahead as planned. You are always welcome and encouraged to contact me to ask if you aren’t sure 🙂

Can I bring children?

Yes, absolutely. Part of the reason for moving some of WtW’s celebrations outdoors was to accomodate my own family as well as yours. Any child is welcome although anyone under 17yrs must attend with a responsible adult.

If children do attend they will be encouraged to take part as much as they can. Of course it is only natural that when kids are outdoors they should want to run and shout so I therefore ask that the parents/guardians of any child who attends maintain full responsibility at all times which includes taking them to an appropriate distance if they need to let off steam when others might be needing quiet reflection.

Like all WtW events these celebrations are about building and celebrating within a community; respect for that community and the celebration itself is encouraged in everyone who attends, regardless of age!

Do I need to bring anything?

* Appropriate clothing and footwear for the weather and location (and any predicted weather!)
* Water and/or hot beverage (remember there will be no kitchen/kettle avaliable!)
* Food to share (optional)
* Something creative to share (poem,story,picture etc ; optional)
* Notebook to journal your experience (optional)

Please ensure you can comfortably carry anything you bring!

How much does it cost?

Although these events will be held outdoors without need for a formal venue there are still costs that need to be met in terms of materials for our ceremonies, refreshments and the continued organisation and delivery of Walk The Wheel events.

To help meet these I am asking for an exchange of £3 per adult or to pay-what-you-can if your circumstances require it.

Do I need to book in advance?

No, just turn up on the day at the designated meeting point (which will be provided via email and on Facebook about a week before the event) at the designated time.

Anything else? Feel free to send any questions to walkthewheel@hotmail.co.uk.


photo credit: IMG_5365 via photopin (license)

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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.