Imbolc Gathering – 6/2/2016

Brigid’s footsteps, warm and bright
Stirring seed and stirring life
Bringing all that’s buried deep
Back into the light.

We are meeting for an 11am start at Banskwood Park, Hadfield, SK13 2AH, by the main entrance (just off Park Road); if you are unsure, look or listen for the lady with a drum! See the end of this email for Travel info. Everyone is welcome and anyone under 17 must be accompanied by an adult.

Once we have gathered our fellows we will go for a walk in the park itself. Please note that although I have made every effort to make the walk as accessible as possible the park is built on an incline so there will be some uphill/downhill walking. There will also (weather permitting) be some sections where we head off path. If you have any questions please contact me and I’ll do my best to help.

There will be an opportunity to share something seasonal so feel free to bring something (story, poem, picture etc) along if you prefer; you must be able to carry it with you at all times. I am also asking everyone to bring a ribbon in a colour that inspires you. It should be around 15-30cm long.

We will aim to be out for no longer than an hour.

Please be sure to dress appropriately for the weather including sensible shoes. It is likely to be a little (or a lot!) muddy, so boots or wellys are a good idea.

There will be time afterwards to chat and socialise with some light refreshments.

The cost is £3 per adult (16+) or pay-what-you-can.


At Imbolc life begins to stir. Spring bulbs begin to germinate and some – like the intrepid Snowdrop – are already sending out shoots and even flowers.

Buds appear on tree branches, birds return to our skies and the Sun begins to make a more lasting impression as the days stretch ever longer.

In burrows under the ground animals are stirring from their Winter sleep. Some might even be up and about thanks to the mild season we have just experienced.

We humans also begin to shake off the slugishness of Wintertime; our thoughts turning to new projects and adventures for the year ahead. The increase in light ignites the spark of possibility that we have nurtured through the dark season and we can start enjoying the urge to create and do once again.

But now is not the time to leap too quickly; we should not abandon our burrows too suddenly in case the cold of Winter suddenly snaps us to attention or the melt waters overwhelm us once more. Tread carefully, follow your nose and seek inspiration to bolster your aspirations.

Welcome Brigid – Lady of Fire and Forge – whose footsteps rekindle the sparks of Life from ember into flame. Her powers of transformation and weaving can be called upon to inspire our dreaming and planning for the year ahead.

Imbolc is a time of water and earth, of mud and making careful forays into the new year. Perfect for our first Outdoor gathering!

Travel and Parking

By Car: Please note there is NO PARKING at the park itself (I was mistaken in my last email, apologies!). Parking is available on most streets in Hadfield however, including many just a few minutes walk from the park. Please contact me if you need more details.

By Train: Trains run twice an hour from Glossop and/or Manchester Piccadilly. Upon leaving Hadfield station turn immediately left (before crossing the car park!) and follow the footpath up to a main road; the park entrance is across the road.

On foot: (from Hadfield Train Station) Turn left at the bottom of the station car park, following Railway Street until you reach a junction. Turn left onto Park Road and cross over. A little way up (just after crossing the railway bridge) is the park entrance.

Looking forward to seeing you there.
Keli x

Photo credit: IMG_5365 via photopin (license)

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Stefanie
    Jan 30, 2016 @ 11:03:04

    Hope you have a lovely time – wish I lived closer! Brightest Blessings for Imbolc


    • kelitomlin
      Feb 01, 2016 @ 19:57:45

      Thank you Stefanie, I hope you have a blessed Imbolc too! Where abouts do you live? Is there anything local you could go to in order to celebrate?


      • Stefanie
        Feb 01, 2016 @ 20:13:18

        I live in Lincolnshire near the coast. The Lady I sit in a development group sometimes holds a celebration in some woodland but not for Imbolc this time unfortunately so I shall be solo 🙂 c’est la vie!!

      • kelitomlin
        Feb 03, 2016 @ 07:02:55

        I am sure a solo Imbolc will be just as lovely. I enjoyed practising alone for many years and refined a lot of my most comfortable practises that way.
        Woodland working sound lovely too; hope you get back to them soon! X

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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.