Time For Peace

I’m sitting here still reeling from the result of the 2016 US Election. From my tiny terraced house in the North of the UK I feel the ripples of fear, uncertainty and animosity spreading not just across that divided land but also our own; and every other land on our planet. Whether we acknowledge it or not the result of this election will (already is) affect us all.

And I feel powerless. In the face of such an infernal machine as politics I always have, but now it is not just this which unsettles me. It is the promise of greater division, greater loss of compassion and acceptance and connection that shakes me at my core.

I want to do something.

And I know I’m not the only one.

So lets do something.

I’m not going to promise aggressive action here; that’s not who I am and it’s not how I walk the wheel. For those who tread gently, as I do, I am going to create a space where we can gather together as concerned humans; humans who feel the need to connect and create more peace and compassion in our ever shifting society.

There will be no need to believe any certain ideas, to hold any specific beliefs except this:

Peace and compassion are needed in our World.
They belong to us all and are the responsibility of us all.

If you can agree with that then consider yourself invited to join me for some Peace Tea (link coming).

If you are local to the High Peak/Sheffield/Derbyshire area of the UK then check out the Facebook page or join the mailing list for more information on a real-life gathering. For those outside of or unable to travel to that area, watch this space for more on a virtual gathering to coincide with the in-life one.

It’s still our World folks, no matter how hijacked it’s feeling right now.

Keep loving, keep noticing, keep walking the wheel.

With much love

Keli x


(Image from myjavita.com)

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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.