‘Peace Tea’ Online Participation

For all those who can’t make it to Glossop this evening for our Peace Tea gathering I invite you to join us by connecting to the energies and intentions we are raising in your own space, at the same time…


The Details

When: Tuesday 29th November (New Moon!); anytime between 7pm-9pm

Where: Wherever you are

Why: To bring a little more peace and love into your life and into the World

The Instructions

Before the event

COMMENT on this post with your name and location to let us know you are joining us.

During the event…anytime between 7-9pm

Step 1: 

Find yourself a warm and cosy space, or a chilly, outdoorsy space, wherever you feel most relaxed and can spend some time being quiet, listening to your thoughts and connecting with your heart.

Step 2:

Gather some images and items that make you feel peaceful, open-hearted and connected to the spirit of life (in whatever form you perceived this). Arrange these in whatever way feels most appropriate and inspiring.

Then, prepare a cup/mug/drinking vessel of your drink of choice.

* I’m going to suggest tea as the obvious choice here, however if you aren’t a tea drinker then consider using water, perhaps flavoured with cordial if you prefer. I would avoid high caffeine drinks such as coffee or fizzy pop purely as it will likely mess with your energy and make it more difficult to concentrate and feel peaceful… because you know, caffeine! *

Step 3:

Ensure you won’t be disturbed. Put the laptop and phone away, tell your flatmates and family you’re busy, feed the dog, placate the cat etc etc etc…

Then centre yourself and connect to your heart. Use whatever method feels right for you; it might include listening to music, silent meditation or the creation of sacred space. See here for one idea.

Step 4:

When you feel ready, bring your thoughts to the notion of peace and how it is/isn’t present in your life and the World around us. Consider reading some poetry or listening to some music that is inspired by ideas of peace; a quick Google search should bring up some suggestions. Alternatively take one of the objects or images you chose earier and consider it for a while, let your mind gently ponder the notion of peace and connection within yourself, your community and the World.

You might like to jot these thoughts down in a journal or create a picture to reflect them; you can do this now or after the event.

Step 5:

When you feel ready, start to form these thoughts into an intention.

This will be a manifestation of peace and love in our World that you would like to see come into being or continue being. It might be directly inspired by a current incident or state of affairs, or it could be much broader than that.

Aim to eventually express this intention without making direct reference to a single situation; not because it isn’t important to want to help a specific cause but because offering the World our energy without too much expectation encourages it to find a natural balance, rather than skewing things (again!) with our limited human perspective.

For example:

“Get Trump out of office!”


“Bring us leaders who hold peace and acceptance strongly in their hearts.”

That isn’t to say you shouldn’t hold any causes that are important to you close to your heart throughout this process; trust me, they will be heard!

Step 5:

With your intention fully formed, take a deep breath and connect to your heart. Feel or know that your are connected to the Earth beneath you and all the lives upon it, human and otherwise. Feel or know that you are becoming a part of the Peace Tea gathering taking place in Glossop, that you are with us in spirit and we are with you and that you lend strength to our intentions as we lend strength to your.

When you feel ready say out loud:

“In this place of Peace I ask: [your intention] So may it be.”

Say it as many times as you feel necessary to make it so. You could also do some small act to reinforce it such as light a candle, write it down or throw a stone into water.

Step 6:

With your intention made, allow the peaceful energy you have created to surround you in your chosen space. It might be a feeling of warmth, a golden light, or simply a sensation of knowing. However you experience it, know it comes from your heart and the hearts of everyone gathered for Peace Tea.

Pick up your cup and hold it between both hands.

Imagine that peaceful energy within you, moving through your hands and into the liquid within. Say to yourself or out loud:

“Peace be with me.”

Take a drink.

Turn your thoughts to everyone gathered – in life and in the ether – for Peace Tea and direct that energy to them.

“Peace be with you.”

Take a drink.

Finally turn your thoughts to the World and direct the energy there.

“Peace be with All.”

Take a drink and if you can offer some to the Earth (or put some aside to offer later).

Step 7:

Give thanks in whatever way feels appropriate and then stay within this space as long as you like; enjoying the sensation of being in a peaceful place and connected to good hearts. Be sure to have a little something to eat as soon as possible (I suggest cake as a wonderful accompaniment to any beverage

That’s it! You’ve taken part in Peace Tea and added your energy and intent to a hearty brew that can be enjoyed by us all.

Do comment below or drop me an email if you have any questions and to let me know how it goes!






1. photo credit: MonteMare25 Tea in the trees via photopin (license)

2. photo credit: PhoebeZu Smile! via photopin (license)

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