I believe sharing is important.


My most transformative experiences have all come about through immersing myself in what other people have offered to share with me – knowingly or unknowingly – in blogs, books, in conversations or simply through living side-by-side with them. By sharing their selves they have inspired me to think and wonder and question and decide things about my self; all of which has lead me to be who and where I am today.

I currently live in the Peak District, UK with my lovely husband and son in a tiny terraced house on a busy High Street. There are hills (the Peaks in fact) gathered around our tiny little town, like a huge bowl, always in view. They share their beauty and strength and their rather unique weather-system with us all the time, regardless of whether we notice them or not. The Land I live on has become just as inspirational to me as the people I meet.

I encountered ceremony early in my life, as an extension of my training as a performer and creator. Since then I have found much joy and magic through creating and participating in ceremonies of all kinds, both with and for a myriad of people. From large group rituals celebrating the Sun and the Moon to small intimate affairs with just myself, or a handful of friends, marking the changes in our lives; ceremony has revealed itself to be a powerful tool for sharing experiences and tapping into the deeper connection that this can weave.


I believe that life is an opportunity for us to experience and create and to then share the results; and that in doing so we are able to more fully appreciate our lives. Perhaps even be a little happier. I strive every day to remember that; to live as authentically and mindfully as I possibly can.

Sometimes it happens.
Those days are magical.

Sometimes not.
Those days are a struggle, but they always pass.

Most days I manage something in between ecstatic awareness and blissful ignorance.
And that is okay.

I find the World most inspiring and accessible by following the eight festivals on the Wheel Of The Year. I have been trying my best to mark these seasonal occasions since my late teens and have gone through a variety of practices. I have worked in groups and alone, I have been a follower and a leader, I have read books and websites and I have thrown those same books out of the window to go outside and listen to the Land instead.

Many times I have been inspired and enthralled and intrigued.

I have also been angry, frustrated and once I tried to give it up all together.

But the Wheel has always drawn me back and now it is a constant presence, a guiding hand, always nudging me to look around, to take notice and to experience the energy and awesomeness that is our World as often as possible.

I aim to write about the changing seasons and our changing World. I also write about my changing life and probably my changing Self too.

I hope that by sharing these experiences with you I might inspire knowing smiles, shaking heads, laughs out loud and (if I’m lucky) be able to communicate a little of the awe that the World fills me with every day; magical and non magical alike.



2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Claire
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 18:33:45

    You lucky, lucky girl living in the Peak District… no wonder you want to walk the wheel living in such beauty…


    • kelitomlin
      Jan 26, 2014 @ 10:33:03

      It does help! I lived in London for 6 years before hand, until I realised it was as bad as keeping a plant in an airless, lightless room. Since moving here 2 years ago my life has flourished in all sorts of ways and I honestly believe that Walk The Wheel couldn’t have been born anywhere but in the Peaks. 🙂


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