Celebrant Work

This website is sister-website to Keli Tomlin Ceremonies where you will find more detailed information on my work as a Celebrant and how I might create a unique ceremony for you, your family and/or friends.

For a brief overview of what a Celebrant is and why I do what I do, read on…


Whether marking the change of the seasons or a change in our individual lives, ceremony is an ancient human way of marking time and making our journey through life feel meaningful.

Traditionally our rites of passage – births, marriages, deaths – have always been led by a person of religious or spiritual significance. Nowadays however, we find more people searching for ways to celebrate their lives and the lives of their loved ones in ways less rooted in religion; preferring a less formulaic and more personal approach.

Photo by Sarah Carpenter Photography


I offer my services as a Celebrant to fulfil this need. It is my honour and pleasure to create ceremonies that are as unique and vibrant as the people involved in them; from the writing stage through to presentation. I do not impose any specific beliefs or ideals, preferring to focus instead on youthe person you are and the life you lead.

Each ceremony begins as a blank page and is formed through a series of communications and inspirations rooted firmly in your life and what is important to you. I will offer inspiration and ideas for your ceremony, born of my many years experience crafting and taking part in ceremonies of all kinds. I encourage you to get as involved as you’d like and share your own ideas; however wild they at seem! Then it’s time to throw them all into the melting pot and see what emerges…

I use my skills as a writer to pruduce a story or script for the ceremony. This can be as fixed or as fluid as you would like; with set lines for each moment or a more improvised approach on the day. No two ceremonies will ever be the same, though some do share similar aspects.

As the ceremony approaches I will be in regular contact to ensure all details are covered and to answer any questions/queries you might have.

Finally, on the day itself, I will lead your celebration as we have agreed; allowing you to experience it free from worry and with full confidence that the right intentions will be met. I make it my duty to create a special and sacred space in which all feel welcome and then hold that space for the duration; ensuring that everyone present (regardless of background or beliefs) feels included and integral to the ceremony itself.



A Handfasting taking place as part of a Wedding Ceremony


As well as the more familiar Weddings, Handfastings, Namings and Funerals I also offer:

* Memorials – taking place as well as/instead of a traditional funeral or for the anniversary of a death.

* Blessing Ways (to celebrate pregnancy/coming of a baby), Motherings (marking the transition into motherhood) and other post-natal ceremonies (including using ceremony to celebrate/honour/explore the experience of giving birth)

* Intuitive ceremonies – Unique ceremony crafted as a tool for personal growth and understanding; helping you to be with a certain situation/relationship/aspect of your life, past, current or future.

For more information visit Keli Tomlin Ceremonies here or get in touch directly via email at walkthewheel@hotmail.com.


Photo by Sarah Carpenter Photography


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