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At the heart of all Walk The Wheel events lies the Sharing; an opportunity for everyone present to share something with the group that speaks to them about the current festival or season; in this case, Imbolc.

These offerings are as varied and unique as the people who attend the gatherings. Some are created in advance by the individuals, others are found by looking through books or websites. Still others take the form of spontaneous anecdotes or insights that occur to people during the sharing; often inspired by what others have said and shared.

Some ideas include:

Accounts of things you have seen or experienced in the natural World
Traditions and celebrations you have attended/enjoyed

You are free to share as many times as you like while the Share Space is open.


Please note: The Sharing for Imbolc 2015 is now CLOSED. You can look back at the offerings that were made here.


Tips for Sharing

If you are struggling for ideas or inspiration I suggest the following:

* Read one or both of the articles released as part of this Online Celebration.

* Look at what other people offer and see if they remind you of anything

* Go outside! Or failing that, look through the window at the outside world. Take the time to really take notice of what you see, hear and sense.

How does the World look/smell/taste? Has anything changed in the past few days/weeks to indicate a turn of the season? Is there anything happening right now in the World that you instincively associate with this time of year?

* Take a few moments to think about your Self; your feelings, your actions, your thoughts. Have the changed at all in recent days/weeks perhaps in response to the changing season? Is how you feel now different to how you felt in December; at the point of Midwinter?

* Trust your instincts! The sharing is not about being ‘right’ or being ‘the best’; it is designed to inspire and help you discover what this festival/season means to you.


Sharing Guidelines

Anything shared must be suitable for all ages, inoffensive and not designed to provoke ill-feeling or hurt.

All offerings should be made freely, with no obligations or hidden agendas. Please do not use this space to sell a product or event.

Please credit anyone whose work you share; ideally giving their name and (if appropriate) a link to their website.

If you share your own work please take the time to credit/copyright it appropriately.

Please do not copy/use/save the offerings of others without their permission.



Pic credits: 1) by tattereddreams at and 2)

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All written materials and images, unless otherwise stated, are property of Kelly Tomlin 2016.
We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.