Friday 30th January


1) Receive two articles full of insights and information about the festival of Imbolc; including its traditions, associated folklore and characters, and ideas about the themes and energies present at this time of year.

2) Receive links to the two Share Spaces available during the event:

* a Facebook event suitable for text, images, media files etc.
* a page here at the website suitable for text only offerings.

You are invited to use these spaces to share seasonal things that inspire in you the theme/energy of Imbolc.
You will also be able to see and enjoy the offerings of others.

You can choose to share a variety of things including (but not limited to):

Personal observations

**Be sure to read the ‘Tips for Sharing’ and comply with the ‘Sharing Guidelines’ when making offerings.**


Saturday 31st January

1) The Sharing continues! Keep checking the Share Spaces to enjoy new offerings and inspiration.

2) Receive “Visiting Brigid’s Burrow” a Seasonal Meditation inspired by Imbolc’s themes and energy. You are welcome to copy/print this document for your own personal use.

3) Receive your invite to a Group Meditation; including confirmed date, time and tips for taking part.


Sunday 1st February


1) The Sharing continues! Remember: you can share as many times as you like!

2) “Visiting Bridie’s Burrow” – the group meditation.

Everyone is invited to explore this meditation on the same day, at the same time, in their own space; connecting their experiences through their shared intention and awareness of one another. Together we will aim to create a Web of Imbolc energy and community connection for all to share.

Full details of how and when to tune in to this connection will come with the invite.




Monday 2nd February – Saturday 7th February


The Share Spaces and Meditation will all remain available and open to new offerings for the whole week.

Everyone is encouraged to use these as a stimulus to explore the season and festival of Imbolc in their lives and to share their experiences as a result.

Sunday 8th February


Our Imbolc Celebration comes to an end

The Share Spaces will be closed to new offerings.
The Meditation will be removed from the website.

Comments and offerings will remain avaliable for future reference until further notice.

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All written materials and images, unless otherwise stated, are property of Kelly Tomlin 2016.
We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.