Celebrating the future with Walk The Wheel

At the end of January I was blessed with the arrival of my little boy; a perfect little bundle of life that has already taught me more about patience, awareness and appreciation than I have ever come across in books or social media memes. He is a solid and steady 8 weeks old now and so I feel able to officially announce the end of my maternity break and look forward to celebrating the turning of the Wheel ahead.

There are numerous plans afoot for the future of Walk The Wheel and my various other interests, all of which will come clear in the near future. As I will be navigating the rocky road of parenting alongside all this however I can’t promise that the blog will be updated with any great regularity… BUT I can promise that WtW will be growing along with the year, with a very definite direction and determination, in some (or all) of the following ways…

* After a very successful online celebration for Imbolc I will continue to host an online Share Space where all Wheel Walkers are welcome to offer thoughts, writing and images that inspire the energy and themes of the season within them. This will take place on the Facebook group (you will need to join the group to take part) and a link to the event will appear here on the website. The Sharing will begin on the calendar date for each festival; it will then remain active for a week or so after.

* This Summer ‘Walk the Wheel’ aims to attend a number of local festivals in the Yorkshire/Derbyshire area, promoting the events and offering people a chance to discover its unique approach to celebrating the changing seasons and the Wheel of the Year. Dates will be announced in the coming months.

NB: If you know of a local festival in your area that might be suited to Walk The Wheel’s presence please let me know!

* By the end of this year I aim to have compiled an online package that offers those who can not attend meetings a chance to celebrate the Wheel using the methods and ideals that Walk The Wheel cultivates. Combining written articles, recorded meditations and stunning visuals this will hopefully be available by Samhain 2015.

And that’s just the things I know I want to achieve… who knows what new opportunities are just waiting to blossom as we leap into this succulent Springtime!

I hope you all have a similarly stimulating season ahead. Keep your eyes on this site and the Facebook group for updates and, who knows, maybe the occasional blog post.


A 'Succulent' Spring Wreath

Looking forward to walking the Wheel with you all.

Thank you!

Our Online Imbolc Celebration is finished and I want to offer my warmest thanks to everyone who took part.


The Share Spaces are now closed to new offerings; special thanks to anyone who took the time to share something inspiring with the group. The site will continue to host links to the articles and the Share Spaces; although the meditation will be removed for now.

Creating this event has been a big challenge and has taught me a lot. I am hopeful that it will provide inspiration and possibilities for more online activities in the future. Until then, events in Hadfield and New Mills will resume in March for the Spring Equinox – details will appear here and on the Facebook Group over the coming weeks.


If you have taken part in any of the Online festivities then I would be really grateful if you could leave some FEEDBACK. Use the comments box below or drop me an email.



Which simply leaves me to wish you all a lovely Imbolc season and to thank you once again for Walking the Wheel.



Keli x

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Online Imbolc Continues

Did you journey to Brigid’s burrow?

Did inspiration find you there?

Did you find light stirring in the darkness?

Did you scent the start of Spring in the air?


Our online Imbolc celebrations will continue for another week with the Share Space and the meditation avaliable for new offerings and insights at the following places:



Feel free to add your thoughts and experiences and to enjoy those left by others.

How have you celebrated Imbolc this year?

What changes have you noticed – in the World and in yourself – as we turn into this Imbolc season?

Online Imbolc – A Meditation

Anyone interested in taking part in Walk The Wheel’s online celebration of Imbolc can find a seasonal meditation here:

Visiting Brigid’s Burrow – a meditation for Imbolc

And an invitation to join other Wheel Walkers in a group meditation:

Burrowing Together – a group meditation


At Walk The Wheel our group meditations take place at the end of the evening, after the sharing, whilst we all sit in circle together. Participants share the words they hear and the physical space that they inhabit together.
For our Imbolc meditation this year we will be working with the same premise: all who take part will be connected in following the same meditative journey. The only difference is that the circle we create and the space we inhabit to do so will not be physical but ephermeral. Instead of sharing air and physical matter we will share intention and it is this itention that will connect us across time and space.

Many people use meditation to deepen the connection between themselves and the World around them. We will be aiming to deepen our experience of the energy if Imbolc.

As “Burrowing Together” is a group meditation held in a non-physical space we will also be aiming to all deepen our connection to the other Wheel Walkers joining us on this journey in order to create a sense of shared celebration and community.


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2) by Wendy Andrew @ owlsdaughter.com

Online Imbolc – a new Walk The Wheel adventure

For anyone who hasn’t had a chance to check out the updated Homepage, Walk The Wheel will be hosting an Online Celebration to mark the next turn of the seasonal Wheel.


Imbolc is the time when new life and new opportunities begin to stir. The Land – which is likely still cold and damp – begins to revive after its Winter slimber. Tiny shoots and buds appear, the days grow gradually longer and snowdrops bring their delicate beauty to our gardens and hedgerows.

As I won’t be leading any of the usual community events this Wheel turn (due to my own little Wheel Walker being due around Imbolc itself!) I am offering opportunities to celebrate with an even wider community of Wheel Walkers here online; via the website and Facebook page.

ALL information can be found by hovering over the menu tab ‘Imbolc 2015’ at the top of this page and then choosing what you need. There is currently an Introduction and Itinerary of events; tnew additions will arrive at the start of the main celebrations on Friday 30th January.


Until then, keep your eyes open, your senses wide and take notice as the World around you begins to shift towards its next season.

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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.