Spring Equinox Celebration on 19/3/16


Our venue is Springbank Arts Centre, SK22 4BH and the evening will start at 7:15pm to finish around 9pm. There is on-street parking and the venue is fully accessible to all.

**If you arrive late and we have already started, feel free to slip in quietly, grab yourself a chair and find a space in the circle – you will be welcome!**

Feel free to bring along your own seasonal something to share with the group. This could be a story, poem, picture, song, recipe, anecdote… anything at all! The only requirements are that it reflects the seasonal theme and is suitable for all ages; let yourself be inspired and your imagination run wild!

Spring has spring and life is returning to the Land!
Flowers bloom and buds begin to burst, the Sun is warm and the Sky is bright, the air filled with the sweet scent of possibility.

All that has slumbered beneath the surface during the dark, cold months is being called into being by the turning of the Wheel. Mammals are stirring, stretching, birds are building nests and we too begin to feel an urge to get out and get active!

As we reach the Equinox the Sun will once more gain dominance over the Sky, bringing longer days, warmer climes and lots of vibrant, growing energy with it. For a brief moment we are suspended in a moment of balance as day and night are of equal length; a perfect place for reflection and preperation.

If you would like to bring something to decorate for the central altar please do; being sure to take any growing things with care and respect from a safe place.

And keep your eyes peeled and take notice over the coming days for signs of the season; you never know when something worth sharing might present itself!!

The cost is £5 per person or pay-what-you-can and refreshments will be provided.

Looking forward to seeing you there!

Spring Equinox; an indoor celebration

Our Outdoor Imbolc gathering was just over a week ago and though the weather was rather grey, wet and chilly there were signs of growth and the stirrings of life to be found. We explored silver birches (the tree of new beginnings) and pondered the cleansing properties of water (which was in abundance!) and how it might help us prepare for the growing season to come.

Since then we have enjoyed crisp blue skies, frosty air and even some warming sunshine (typical British weather, contrary as always!) and I hope everyone continues to enjoy the lengthening of days as we approach the Equinox.

Our next event will be an indoor gathering and details are below.

It would be lovely to see familiar faces as well as new at our Spring Equinox gathering so feel free to share this information with anyone you think might be interested.

Walk the Wheel presents…

A Seasonal Celebration


Lady Spring is drawing near
The days are getting longer
Life is growing everywhere
The Sun is getting stronger

DATE: Saturday 19th March

TIME: 7:15pm – 9pm

WHERE: Springbank Arts Centre, New Mills, SK22 4BH

Full details to follow.
Information can also be found on our Facebook group and by joining the mailing list.

**If anyone is interested in car sharing from Hadfield/Glossop area please get in touch and I will connect you with others.**

photo credit: Spring via photopin (license)

Celebrating Spring Equinox

A time of egg-citement and anticipation; the Spring Equinox is truly a blooming lovely time of year!


Join Walk The Wheel in celebration…

Friday 21st March

An opportunity to share something with the group that inspires in you festival/season; in this case Spring and the Spring Equinox.

Some ideas include:

Accounts of things you have seen or experienced in the natural World
Traditions and celebrations you have attended/enjoyed

You are free to share as many times as you like while the Share Space is open.


Saturday 28th March

at Hadfield Community Room, Hadfield, SK13 2AA

Sunday 29th March

at Springbanks Arts Centre, New Mills, SK22 4BH

These are participatory events; attendees are encouraged to bring their own seasonal poems/stories/art/ideas to share with the group.

Cost is £5 per person or pay-what-you-can.

Refreshments are provided.

Want It All

I’m trying really hard to come up with something meaningful and interesting for you to read.

The Wheel is turning wonderfully, the Land is greening all around us and the days are longer, sunnier and offering up more opportunities for both adventure and repose. Things are growing, gaining momentum and as the energy builds so does the excitement; as demonstrated by the almost endless birdsong that now wakes me in the morning.

I have any number of beauties I could describe to you here; to marvel at and count as blessings to be grateful for. In this bright Spring season I simply can not deny my good fortune… no matter how hard I try.


It is hard sometimes to be happy. To always see the beauty and the blessings in things. It seems to take an enormous amount of energy and attention and vulnerability. For the acknowledgement of one wonder leads irrevocably to another and another until suddenly you realise that you can never, will never, be able to know or appreciate or achieve all the wonders that are possible in this wonder-full World.

And there is a sadness in that.

A sadness we don’t talk about and are often encouraged to ignore. To bury deep and hide away or to gloss over with fake smiles and empty words.

Is it a sadness born of greed perhaps; a consumerist inability to settle, to always want more. I am living proof that it doesn’t have to be flash cars or fashionable clothes that you covet, in order to swim in that strange sea of desperation and endless desire. I long for sunsets and sea breezes, vast moorland vistas and the Spring breeze on my skin at all times. I constantly crave the deep connection to earth, sky and sea that I feel when I am in the midst of a long walk, a quiet meditation or a vibrant woodland. I want to feel that full, that aware, that whole all the time.

But I don’t. And there are times when I wonder whether it might not have been easier to never see the World through well-jaded eyes. To have avoided the Wheel and the wonders altogether and found my buzz in television or chocolate or meaningless sex instead; all things I can access with (relative) ease and at a moment’s notice.


For it strikes without warning this unusual apathy, this longing for less and more simultaneously, and I’ll be honest I’ve yet to discover a reliable cure. It often feels a bit like a systems crash; too many programs loaded in at once (joy, love, gratitude, hope, dreaming) overwhelming the hardware and leaving me with a strange blankness in my head.

Because anything I do or say or think in those moments simply isn’t enough. Can’t be enough. Because it can’t be everything.

So here I am, trying to think of something to say to you.




Perhaps the sadness isn’t really sadness at all: perhaps it is actually peace. A peace born of the acceptance of one’s place in the Web of all things. One tiny spark of life amongst so many others, that shines brightly in the light but is a truly cosmic beauty when viewed as part of the greater, grander whole. To be a part of it one can never step out of it, not even to see and marvel at the wonder of it all; so I will never truly experience it fully. Instead I remain steadfast and explore the beauties that are unique to me and try not to mourn those which are not. Perhaps I can appreciate those and trust that they are – in their own way – microcosms of the awesomeness that is everything.


This awesomeness.

And though everything can not be mine to possess I can claim it as my heritage, my lineage, my reality. Things which will last far longer than the biggest chocolate bar and will bring more comfort than the most mind-blowing sex. And when I recall this, remember this and truly believe it then I perhaps I won’t need anything more than what I already have. For even in my blankest moments I’ll know I am whole, connected, part of It All.

And I can be at peace.



I tried really hard to think of something meaningful and important for you to read. Apparently I’ve ended up with something meaningful and important for me to read.


Thanks for sharing it.




Photo credits:
1) spiritualjounreyguide.com
2) nationalgeographic.com
3) http://peoplesadvocacycouncil.wordpress.com

In Flow

It’s been a little quiet around the blog recently; my apologies to all, especially those folk who have kindly chosen to follow me over recent days. Until recently I had been posting quite regularly (which surprised me too!) then life semed to stand up, shake itself about and go a bit crazy. But hey: it’s Spring time, it happens.


All that green and growing energy buzzing across the Land has given  things a real stir. Both the hubby and I have new jobs and we are both making tentative but determined steps towards spending our days doing things we love and believe in rather than things that simply make us money.

The whole work/life balance has always proved an interesting (and infuriating) concept for me. Being of the firm belief that we should only have to work for and at things we truly love and believe in makes stability in this society (financial and energetic) both difficult and dangerous.

One way I try to mitigate this is by trusting my instincts and trying to remain ‘in the flow’ as much as possible. I’m planning a longer, more elaborate post on what I mean by ‘flow’ for later; for now, know that it is simply my way of describing the path of least resistance. Far from being the ‘lazy’ route, this path is where you should be, where Life wants you to go and where your actions are in harmony with your Self, you needs and the needs of all other things.

A lofty ideal? Yes; but one grounded in my own experience and heart-felt truth. Truting the flow is what keeps me from going completley batty when I lose the thread of my own intentions and dreams.


This Spring the flow has really made itself felt in our lives. The repercussions of choices we have made in the past based on instinct and trust rather than logic and ‘sense’ have proved to be joyful and promising. I now have more time to spend on creating work of my own devising, walking the Wheel with more determination and sharing it with others (including here in the blogosphere!). I have been able to attend classes and workshops that inspire me, meeting inspirational people along the way. And when I am earning money I am doing so in an environment that promotes the things I believe strongly in: community, sustainability and good health.

I am immeasurably grateful for all these changes taking place in both myself and the hubby’s lives but they do come with provisos. The house is currently in disaray as we both adjust to new schedules and I find it almost impossible to work in a cluttered space. There are also new ideas and opportunities popping up all over the place provoking excitement but also nerves, anxiety and no small amount of administration! So things may be a little shaky around here for a few weeks yet, with posts not being as regular or as well planned as I might like. That said I learned right back at the beginning of this blog that sometimes a little wildness can make for an interesting read. 

I will however do my very best to get back on top of things as soon as possible, to keep offering ideas and insights into how the Wheel is turning for me and how it might be turning for you, wherever you are in the World.


So a big warm welcome to all newcomers to the blog and a hearty hail and thanks to those sticking with me. You are all part of the flow that I am following as diligently as I can and I look forward to seeing where you and it are taking me.


Shelf Brook
Image from Wikipedia

Times and Trials

It’s been longer than expected since my last post. Despite a lot happening lately and a Drafts folder that is comfortable full I still couldn’t find a time or place or way to put anything into words. Here’s what’s happened since we last spoke:


Walk the Wheel’s two Woman events happened on Saturday. They were a success – I think – certainly an enjoyable (if exhausting!) experience with wonderful support from our regulars and some new faces too. Money was raised for an excellent cause and I took another step on my path of creating and facilitating and offering all that to the World. There was laughter and deep thought, careful silence and joyful chatter, and an abundance of food for feasting that came from the generosity of the attendees and for which I am hugely grateful. A full write-up will follow in the coming weeks.

If nothing else, our Woman events demonstrated a coming together of community: the creation of a safe and sociable space with a sacred and specific focus. A lovely balance and an inspiration for the future 🙂 A future which, right now, is feeling a little more real, a little more possible.


My nose has proved its mettle as my seasonal indicator, for Spring has arrived here in the Peaks. Snowdrops are fading, giving way to the bright beauty of crocuses and the tips of tentative daffodils. The air is warm, the Sun is bright and the sky is the brilliant blue of imagination. Time feels more fluid, flowing out ahead but also circling and spiraling around us, in the moment. The World is offering itself up to be enjoyed and now the events are finished I feel I can give it the time it deserves to be thoroughly appreciated.

The earth is softening and so are my Winter defenses. I am opening slowly, with the still-cautious daffodils, to the notion of growth and change and happenings ahead. I might even say I’m a little excited…

For more on the approaching Spring look out for our next event announcement in a few days!


I am also awash with relief. Standing at the end of a somewhat traumatic few days following a late night hospital visit, I feel like I’ve faced the Minotaur and found my way out of the labyrinth with my limbs – miraculously – in tact. There were long hours and even longer minutes at the end of last week where I wasn’t sure that would happen. I was convinced I’d lost an arm or at the very least a finger or thumb* and that without them everything would simply slip out of my grasp.

But I made it through in one piece and in the clear light of hindsight I can appreciate that I have actually gained much from that long night and the even longer days of worry that followed. I am full of gratitude and humble joy that myself and my loved ones are healthy and here. That I can revel in the pleasure of a night on the sofa, leaning against his arm and letting my heart slow till I’m dozing and not worry that when I wake up he won’t be there.

I am blessed to be alive and to share that life with people who love me and who allow me to love them too.

Knowing that makes the labyrinth worth facing every now and again.


It’s been an eventful couple of weeks but one that’s ended with sunshine and smiles so definitely no complaints here. The excitement isn’t over; this week I have a day out with my sister, the hubby is having his wisdom teeth removed and I finish my current job on Friday! All that, topped off with a weekend in Matlock meeting and working with Glennie Kindred and Annie Keeling on creating ceremony.


Overwhelmed? A little. Excited? Definitely!


( *Not literal limbs folks, metaphorical ones! )

In The Air

The weather has been all over the place today, dashing from one type to the next, reminding itself of all the variations it can (and will have to) manage in the months ahead. There was warm sunshine brushing my skin in butter-yellow, followed by a sharp winter breeze dragging storm clouds in its wake. Their raindrop cargo fell in fast fits and sudden starts making the asphalt glisten in the returning sunshine. The glare was blinding and the grey sky smudged with the remnants of an almost rainbow.

I'd almost forgotten what a rainbow looked like.


As small as it was, that rainbow looked how the world smells right now: like life, like action, like…

Wet woodland and shivering green grass after a sudden sunshine-y shower.

My feet treading bare and brave on the green earth, hands pressed against 
bark that is mossy and damp as it crumbles beneath my fingers.

Days lounging on the hard ground, head pillowed on blankets or a human knee, discussing ritual and magic and why we're all here in the first place.

Standing in circle, seeing friends and fellows and fairy magic gathered all 
around us in certain celebration.

It smells of the tent and the sun-hot shadows it cast over us as we slept,
exhausted and exulted and Summer under our belts.

Of walking, of movement, of taking steps along a path that might
not be visible on the map but that stretches strong and sure on the map of my 

Image by lord-hellbunny @ deviantart.com

When I first began walking the Wheel I would never have guessed that my nose would be the thing to tell me when the season had truly turned, but gradually I have come to trust my olfactory sense more than any other.

I tend not to expect any true changes in energy or experience until my nose tickles with the scent of the new season. Only then do I allow myself to start feeling the excitement and pleasure that comes from feeling the turn of this timeless cycle. And only then will I start to take steps into that new season; moving myself forward instead of just dreaming and planning for what might be.


Right now, the world smells of Spring and so many wonderful days and wonderful things I’ve experienced and found that I am bursting with anticipation for more.

But I won’t let its succulent scent weave a spell of forgetfulness over me. I want to live the Spring of here and now, appreciating it and enjoying it in this moment, not losing myself in scents of the future or snifters of the past.

Outside four walls
I walk swift and sure and scent Spring on a Winter breeze.
It reminds me that life is so much more than all this.
That work is hard but that life, 
life is free.




All written materials and images, unless otherwise stated, are property of Kelly Tomlin 2016.
We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.