“[WtW] is lovely social event in a nice venue and the host holds a gorgeous space… Over time, the regular seasonal rhythm of the WtW events has instilled in me a feeling of security. I always come away from the event feeling inspired and loved. I have developed a greater sense of trust in people and the world.” Ilana


“Attending the events gives an impetus to find a new story or poem to share. The sharing allows me to immerse myself within the current season and to enjoy it through others eyes as well as my own.” Fay


“I’ve found you… and the group incredibly welcoming and accepting. The group gives me a feeling of complete openness and comfort without judgement… It helps me feel deeply spiritually connected, and leaves me feeling this way for days afterwards.” Rae


“although it adheres to the Pagan Wheel of the Year, [Wtw] is accessible to people of all beliefs and ‘walks’ of life and manages to celebrate the alternative without being ‘clique-y’ or isolating…The events give me ‘food for thought’ every time about the seasons and how we co-exist alongside them and with each other. Each event is very energising, too – I always refreshed and ‘buzzy’ afterwards.” Rosie


“I really feel steering our way through the change seasons is so important and walk the wheel is so helpful at helping me to understand this…Whilst I’m a church going Christian, I think the love and care you bring into these sharing events reaches me at a deeper level.” Ellie


“I found it to be really moving. I think the thing I love about your work the most is the joy it brings me to know that events like this are out there for people. An alternative spirituality that makes no demands of people other than to share their observations if they wish.” Katy

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All written materials and images, unless otherwise stated, are property of Kelly Tomlin 2016.
We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.
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