What is Walk The Wheel?


WALK THE  WHEEL (v. walked, walking, to walk the Wheel)

To Walk The Wheel is to follow and celebrate the festivals on the Wheel of The Year; a practice commonly found  in modern Paganism. Although some of its festivals are traced back to pre-Roman times (primarily found in Ireland/England/Scotland/Wales) the format in which it is most commonly used today is likely a composite of numerous ideas, traditions and cultures that has developed over more recent history.

To Walk the Wheel is also a way to open our senses and awareness to seasonal changes in the World around us. It can be followed by anyone, of any (or no) belief or faith, and can be interwoven with strands from a variety of other spiritual and none spiritual practices (e.g: folk traditions or mindfulness practices). Walking the Wheel can be an extension of your life as it stands or a way to develop it in new directions. Or both.

For more detailed information on the Wheel and its origins check out the ‘What Wheel?’ page on this blog.





Walk the Wheel is…

* A gathering of folk  who come together to share and celebrate the festivals. There are currently two events for each turn of the Wheel: one meets in Hadfield and the other in New Mills (both in High Peak, Derbyshire).

Each event includes thoughts on the time of year, small acts of ritual to mark the changes in energy and passing of the seasons and a group sharing. The events are participatory and everyone is invited to bring along something to share that inspires in them the themes of the current festival/season. We’ve had everything from stories, poems, music and songs, to recipes, artwork, objects and even baked goods… The only limit is your imagination!

Walk the Wheel events aim to bring people together to experience the time of year and develop a sense of community spirit. To hear what people think of WtW and the effects it has for them see the Testimonials page.


* A blog.

Which you can read by clicking the ‘BLOG’ tab at the top of the page.

It gives updates on new events and happenings and also contains articles on the seasons, the festivals as well as some more personal insights into my journey.

Popular posts:

> The Musings Series – a complete set of 8 articles giving information on the themes and ideas behind each festival.

> The Marking Series – in progress; a set of articles providing practical ideas and ways to celebrate each festival.


* In keeping with its virtual identity, WtW has an active presence on popular social media sites.

You can follow us on Twitter, simply search @walkthewheel.

Or join the Facebook group here.

Providing updates and event information, these outlets also provide a social space for all Wheel Walkers to interact between meetings. The FB group is an active community where people share their thoughts, experiences and insights throughout the year.

In 2015 we also began hosting an online sharing event for each festival on the FB group; thus allowing anyone who is unable to attend the in-person events to see and share seasonal offerings virtually

And coming in Autumn 2015… our first online course! So you can Walk the Wheel with us wherever you are.



Photo credits:
1) nahimaart @ deviantart
2) goddessgift.net


Please note: All writings on this blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. I am happy for posts and parts of posts to be shared for non-profit purposes, as long as I am credited as the author and a link-back would be very much appreciated. If you are looking to use anything on this site for other purposes please contact me and we can discuss.

4 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. hula la
    Feb 05, 2014 @ 23:56:41

    Great blog you have here! The change of seasons is definitely good for the soul. Looking forward to reading more of Walk The Wheel!


    • kelitomlin
      Feb 06, 2014 @ 11:13:46

      Thanks for visiting and leaving a comment; it is very much appreciated 🙂
      I hope the seasons continue to feed your soul and look forward to seeing you around the blog.
      x x x


  2. Claire
    Jan 25, 2014 @ 18:31:46

    I just love your blog, it’s name, it’s purpose…
    I may not be able to physically walk that well any more, but I still walk the wheel every day… it gives my day, my week, my year a natural rhythm which soothes my soul 🙂


    • kelitomlin
      Jan 26, 2014 @ 10:30:15

      Aw thank you; your kind words really mean a lot and give me confidence in what is still a new project (the blog). I totally agree with you on walking the wheel – it is not always a physical thing, all it takes is awareness and we are almost all blessed with this capacity in some way; its just not always used! I am so glad you find the wheel soothing and I hope if you follow the posts here they will be a good addition to that.
      Thanks again for stopping by and taking the time to comment x x


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We gather together to Walk the Wheel; to share with one another and be inspired.
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