Maintenance Update!

Over the coming weeks the site will be undergoing some changes to better order the different strands of work and writing that I am producing at the moment. While this takes place it is likely that updates will reduce and some posts or parts of the site may move or disappear all together.

Rest assured that by the end of Summer all be back in its rightful place. Until then I hope you will keep checking back to find out about all the exciting new developments.

Spring has definitely Sprung into action!!



Springbank Arts Centre, New Mills, SK22 4BH: Saturday 9th May

Hadfield Community Room, Hadfield, SK13 2AA: Sunday 10th May


Hadfield Community Room, Hadfield, SK13 2AA: Saturday 27th June

Springbank Arts Centre, New Mills, SK22 4BH: Sunday 28th June


How do we Walk The Wheel?

Follow and celebrate the festivals on the Wheel of The Year.

 Open our senses and awareness to seasonal changes in the World around us.

 Celebrate the transitions and rites of passage that mark change and growth along our life’s path, in a way that is meaningful and personal.

 Live with an open heart and with the desire to deepen our connection to the World and our experience of it.

From mindfulness to mediation, hiking to seasonal ceremony, there are a multitude of ways to Walk The Wheel. Here you’ll find a variety of suggestions, incentives and (hopefully) inspirations.

Use the tabs at the top of the screen to navigate between sections.

What is…? gives an idea of the ideas and influences that myself and Walk The Wheel are inspired by.

The Blog offers find regular updates on Events alongside informative posts based on the Seasons and Celebration and some less formal articles about my life and journey.

In Celebrant Work you’ll find information on the ceremonial services I offer – including Weddings/Handfastings, Baby Namings, Funerals and Memorials.

If you have any questions or comments email me or to post them here. Please be aware all comments are moderated before posting.

Thanks for visiting!

I hope to find you Walking the Wheel with me sometime.



Please note: All writings on this blog are my own, unless otherwise stated. 
If you'd like to reblog any posts, feel free, as long as they're not-for-profit and credited.
If you'd like to share part or all of any posts in other ways please get in touch.

6 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sarah
    Mar 13, 2015 @ 12:13:39

    Hi Keli, that’s great news. Will be at the Spring equinox celebration. Congratulations on the birth of your baby. What did you have and what is their name? Namaste Sx


    • kelitomlin
      Mar 14, 2015 @ 08:34:52

      We had a little boy whose name I’d rather not share online but who you may meet at our gathering; he still needs to stay close to me as I’m currently his only food source 😃 looking forward to seeing you x


  2. Sarah
    Mar 12, 2015 @ 09:35:28

    Hi Keli, when is the next WTW meet up in New Mills or Hadfield. I hope you are well.
    Namaste Sarah,x.


    • kelitomlin
      Mar 12, 2015 @ 17:16:13

      Hi Sarah, thank you for asking! In the midst of dealing with a newborn I hadn’t realised id forgotten to update the website.

      We will be celebrating Spring Equinox in Hadfield on Saturday 28th March and New Mills on Sunday 29th March.

      It would be lovely to see you there 😊


  3. Sarah
    Jan 06, 2015 @ 20:48:10

    Hi Keli, just thought I would say hello. Thinking of you and your bump. Hope all is well for you. It’s not time yet for birth perhaps, but nature is so busy preparing beneath the soil, ( I have seen the first shoots of Winter flowers poking out their heads 4a peek.) what a wonderful time to have a baby. I always feel optimistic in February, I am looking forward to celebrating Imbolc.
    Goddess Bless you and your little one, Sarah. X


    • kelitomlin
      Jan 19, 2015 @ 18:32:03

      Hi Sarah, sorry its taken me a while to reply. I am very well thank you. the birth should be in a matter of days now and I honestly feel blessed that it is happening now. As you say the Land is starting to stir and it feels very in sync, even thought there is still snow on the ground. There is a freshenss and newness in the air that baby seems to encompass too :) Hope you are well also. Glad to ehar you are enjoying the season and I truly hope that continues. Very much looking forward to our online celebrations and celebrating Imbolc. Much love to you x


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