“Back to life, back to reality…”

Song quote from Soul II Soul, Back To Life (However do you want me)

It always comes with a bump, the return to ‘reality’ after the suspended animation of Solstice/Christmas/New Year. My festive season stretches out to 3 weeks, to incorporate all three, which is the better part of a month and quite frankly far too long for me to be living on the cocktail of excitement and anxiety that it brews in me. My nerves feel shot and I’m craving crap food and fresh water in equal measure. I’d also like to sleep for the better part of this month to properly recover my senses… but no such luck. I was back to work on the 2nd, dealing with crabby customers by the 3rd and it has quickly become apparent that despite last weeks festive cheer we are all now suffering from festive withdrawal.

What frustrates me the most is that we have no choice but to accept this sorry state of affairs; to strap on a smile, pick up our feet and plunge back into life, pressing ourselves into the same mundane cycle that we have been working so hard to escape these past few weeks. I feel like an escaped convict returned to her cell, breathless and desperate. The proverbial stuffing being forced and cajoled to fit myself inside the turkey’s arse.

I know I’m not the only one; thousands if not millions of us will have felt the same way over the past couple of days or will (if you’re lucky) have that joy waiting for you on Monday. This is not some sort of childish pity party I’m attempting to throw. I simply want to shed light on the fact that I (and so many others) am being forced to suppress my needs – physical, emotional, spiritual – not for my own good, not for survival, but in the pursuit of something I can’t eat, can’t drink, can’t breathe and that doesn’t give me warmth or shelter or love.


My Mum swore by these when she was giving up cigarettes

If I had a New Years wish I would be able to give up Money as part of my New Years resolutions. It would be a dirty habit that I could kick given some perseverance and a jumbo packet of Fisherman’s Friends. Then I would be free to rest my weary brain, relax these strained muscles and allow myself and my home to recover from the December madness and make way for the possibilities of the year ahead.

Instead I have already started selling my time and my mood to people I’ve never met in the hopes that I can scavenge together enough pennies to keep myself in food, water and warmth – things we are told are part of our basic human rights.

I didn’t think I’d be starting 2014 in such a grouchy mood but the sky was grey this morning, my nose was cold and my hubby far too warm and cosy to leave on the train when we reached my stop. For a while I did feel like a petulant child, one who hoped that enough ranting would get her what she wants, even if that is a new version of reality. Perhaps I spent a little too much time with my 18month old niece these past few days? Or perhaps I’ve been listening to too much 90s pop? Either way I am here, there’s a whole year ahead of me and I’ve got 363 days to kick these withdrawal symptoms.

“Back to life back to the day we have
lets end this foolish game
hear me out don’t let me waste away…

… back to life back to reality
back to the here and now yeah”



If you would like a more uplifting New Years read I can heartily suggest checking out the wonderful Janie Rose at Beeswax and Broomsticks. This post is a heartfelt and uplifting call to shine in the year ahead.

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  1. Sara Jayne
    Jan 04, 2014 @ 23:32:55

    “and I’ve got 363 days” [til the next holiday]

    Mmm, see, this is something that doesn’t work for me. I am frequently flummoxed by the lack of real holidays that are celebrated in this country – Christmas, New Year’s, and (to a much lesser extent) Easter seem to be it. Even birthdays get short shrift, generally ignored 9 years out of 10. Nonono. Christmas is the biggy, of course, but you have to have others sprinkled through the year.

    I invite you to join me in my calendar! Our Christmas decorations came down today, and Mardi Gras will go up tomorrow (closest weekend to Twelfth Night). King cake will make an appearance again at last, and I’m hoping to have a special themed Cajun dinner before Mardi Gras itself comes and goes. Overlapping with Carnival season of Mardi Gras is Valentine’s, and then St Patrick’s Day – a wonderful excuse to dye random things green! Then it’s spring – time to put out the pastels – and my birthday, but you don’t have to decorate for that one ;-). Now that I’m walking the wheel with you, there are some others peppered in – which you know more about than me! Then there’s 4th of July, but you might give that a miss, come to think of it. We’re all busy through the summer, anyway, so we leave the special holidays to the side for then. Then we get to decorate for autumn and start celebrating harvest festivals and Thanksgiving! I really should have you over for that this year.

    If I didn’t have a whole year peppered with seasonal/holiday things to do, I think I’d be grouchy come the first part of January, too! Don’t get me wrong – be grouchy when you need to, we all need to sometimes – but do think about bringing other holidays into your life more (and you needn’t use my holidays: look around, there are loads to choose from!), celebrating them, and getting a much smaller dose of festive cheer to look forward to every month or two. This is part of why I like Walk the Wheel: focusing on seasonal things helps me embrace the fleeting things while they’re here – such as blood oranges at the moment! 🙂


    • kelitomlin
      Jan 05, 2014 @ 12:57:41

      🙂 Thank you for that Sarajayne, hearing about all your lovely plans and all the ways you keep walking the wheel through the year has really lifted my spirits.

      At the moment though I think it’s having too much to do that is making me feel so grouchy; I need a bit of that restful winter time to balance out the excitement of the past few weeks but life doesn’t seem to offer that; we have all the up but no down time to recover and I’m longing for that.

      I’m sure come Imbolc I’ll be feeling more connected again and perhaps I’ll find space for a few extra festivals in the year ahead x


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